Issue with Samsung Mobile

I published my app on google play and downloaded it to my mobile, a samsung Galaxy A21s.
The installation is going well and the app is working pretty well.
However, I have a space at the bottom of the screen which makes the bottom bar higher. The content at the bottom of my app is therefore not accessible.
On the web version, the application is displayed correctly. But on my Samsung phone the display is not correct at the bottom.
Anyone have any idea on what to do?
Thank you !

Hi Adil,

Your app design looks great!

I too have the issue with the raised menu at the bottom of the screen but I have never reported it to Adalo to be honest, maybe worth a support ticket or bug report.

To get around the hidden content issue I add an invisible rectangle below the list to add a bit more space which works well…

To set the rectangle as invisible I just set the alpha channel to 0…

Hope this works for you.


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Thanks a lot for the tip :slight_smile:
But I would like to know if the Adalo team noticed this problem and if there is a solution.
From your answer I understand that it is a frequent anomaly, therefore known.

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