Item created by other users displayed when it should not

Hi Flawless,

Thanks for feedback.

I watched the video but did not manage to understand/adapt my work to yours.

I will keep trying!

I guess I need to differenciate somehow a Admin part (with content for all users that I add myself) and User part (with all content added by me (the admin) and the content each specific user has created).

let’s find out how… :slight_smile:

@dilon_perera @Flawless

I check my previous versions.
It used to work : new users would have access to all the exercises as expected.
But now when I create a new user, he does not have access.

@dilon_perera any idea why? this is after we made the modifications…

It’s like this my friend:

After the signup action, link to a new blank screen. Name this screen “loading” or something along those lines. Add a countdown timer to the screen. Make a list from this countdown timer of exercises with a filter where exercise users does not contain logged in user. Set the countdown timer finished action to update the current exercise > add logged-in user.

Add another countdown timer to the screen (not in the list) and set the visibility to sometimes visible where logged-in user’s exercise count is equal to Exercises count. Set the action when this countdown timer finishes to link to the next screen.

So now all exercises will have been added to a new user, then, once all exercises have been added,

For a nice UI/UX for your app users, you can add a progress bar to display the progress of the loading. For the minimum value you would add magic text logged-in user > exercises > count and for the maximum value you would use Exercises > count.

Thanks a lot for your explanations.

I will have a look at it ASAP and try to mak it work.

Thanks for everything!

To add many records you need to use the countdown trick that Flawless mentioned!

Another way of doing this would be creating a true/false property and you can name that like created by admin and in your database mark the ones that already created ones to true and on the form that admin creates add this as a automatic field and set that to true. And in your exercises list make the filter to all exercises and all themes on the themes list and add two filters that creator property’s > email > is equal to > logged in user’s > email AND created by admin > is true.

Thanks a lot for your explanations both of you

I ll try your solutions and hopefully make it work!
Adalo is great. But i m brand new to it (1 month…) so i l still struggling.

Thanks for your help!