Looking for help on a better way to structure my links with lists

I have an app which has recognised walks / trails across the world. The idea being, you can browse through various walks and “Bag” them i.e mark that you’ve completed the walk.

My current database structure is a “Walks” and “UserWalks” collection. A UserWalk is created when a User bags a Walk.

The problem i’m having is, if you’re browsing walks, you may or may not have bagged them - so if I click a walk which I have bagged, the following screen needs to display data specific to the bagged walk (when bagging a walk you give it a rating, add an image and enter the date you bagged it).

I have 2 pages setup, one to display UserWalks data and one to display Walk data, the idea being if you haven’t bagged the walk, you’d see the page showing the Walk data and vice versa.

What I have setup currently is a screen “Check if bagged” which users get to any time they click to open a Walk - the page contains an invisible Countdown list of UserWalks with an action setup on the list for when countdown ends to link to the screen to show the UserWalks data IF any of the logged in user’s UserWalks’ Name exactly matches the current Walk and then also an action added to the screen itself that links to the screen showing current walk details IF none of the logged in user’s walks’ names match the current walk.

This works well however, because there is the screen in the middle of the walks list (there are many pages with lists of walks), the user cannot go ‘back’ because they’d get to that interim screen rather than the screen before that, which is where they should go back to.

Because of this, i’ve had to set it so if the user clicks the back button on either the View Walk or View User Walk page it takes them to the homepage, which isn’t great UX.

Does anyone know of a way I could set things up to allow users to just go ‘back’?

Do you mind sharing some screenshots?
Why don’t you consider removing the back button or when clicked to go the screen before the loading?

Sorry I should have mentioned, there are quite a lot of screens that you could possible come from - although now that I think about it, i could set something up like: add an input box to check if bagged screen and depending on which screen they user came from, enter a number specific to that page, and then use that as a way of getting ‘back’ to the correct screen.

Here is some screenshots of the 2 action on the check if bagged screen and a Loom: https://www.loom.com/share/d8fd2450645344c88ccb048631bdb440

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