Mailton special link not working

I created a simple Contact Us screen, with phone number, email address and SMS number. I also have a link to my facebook page.

Using special links (tel:, sms:, mailto:, and http:) I can make the phone call, the text message, and the url all work.

But mailto doesn’t work. The link clearly recognizes the click, and a spinner appears for just a second. But it doesn’t launch my email client.

I’m trying this in the Adalo previewer, and on my iPhone. The one on my iPhone is a PWA.

Is this a PWA limitation, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @MikesClub,

I believe this should work on PWA! Worked for me in past ( Android ).

Is it possible to share a video of this behaviour? And what’s the email that has added in the action? Maybe a screenshot?

Thank you

It works here for me. Ensure that you have the colon after “mailto”. Provide a screenshot of your link if it’s still not working.

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