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I am currently building a community food app, there are 2 parties involved with this app, the users and the vendors. Firstly, is it necessary to have this kind of app multi sided? I built this app in 2 versions, one is one sided and one multi sided.

On the one sided app I have it where a signed in user can register to become a vendor from their profile screen, but the issue is the user can update their profile but the vendor cant update their profile. On the multi sided app I made a separate sign up for vendors and users which works perfectly and vendors can update their pages but now I cant seem to get the vendors and users messages and reviews to speak to each other.

Am I missing something here?

Either option works.
I would prefer to split it on the basis of security. Smaller app for users to download etc…

My first question would be how are you defining a vendor?

Do you have a field in Users like this Is_Vendor = true?
Or do you have a table of Vendors with a relationship back to the User table?

Some screenshot of the relationships and chat list would help :+1:

I built in a Filter screen after sign up on both USER and VENDOR which works, have a few guys that signed up and the info gets split correctly in the database. The Verification is for the email OTP.

Vendor will be a person that sells cooked/produced goods and a user buys from the vendor.

I created a database for vendors and created a relationship with users but that didn’t seem to work, I have a feeling I’m missing a relationship somewhere and have cleared database and tried different methods but still same issue.

-So I have the users and vendors categorized correctly in the data base as they sign up.
-Vendors images and data pulls through to the user end successfully.

Screenshot 2023-10-11 114804

So your option is to have the vendor fields in the user table or if you want a separate vendor table (normalised and normally better design)

You need to have ‘Vendor can have Many Users’ (option 1)
Then you’ll be able to reference the vendor via the logged in user.
You could then have a big vendor with more than one user. Which could be advantageous now or in the future.

Considerations before putting the vendor fields in the User table.

  • It’s simpler if there aren’t too many fields
  • You can only ever have one user to a vendor.

Separate Vendor table

  • Two server calls instead of one. Could be slower depending on number of fields.

Sorry, should have probably posted more on the user data base. These are the fields for the vendors in the user database. When I first built the app I had a separate database for vendors but couldn’t get the “CURRENT USER” field, only “CURRENT LOGGED IN USER” so moved everything to user database.

Regarding your first option, is this creating a relationship form user to user?

To get the Current User you need a list of Users.

Regarding your first option, is this creating a relationship form user to user?

No this is user to vendor. :+1:


I made the changes but seems to still have the same issue. Do you offer consultations?

Yes I’ll be glad to help. I’ll send you a link :+1:

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