My biggest complaint with Adalo

My biggest frustration with Adalo is that they have such a prolonged problem (loss of collection data) and yet they don’t report the details of the situation to us users at all on their days off.

Either within the forum or by email.

I live in Japan, and with Japanese companies, even if a problem occurs on their days off, they usually contact us by email with a detailed status report.
Or they will post a detailed status on their website.

Is it normal in the U.S. not to be contacted in such cases?


Absolutely appalling behaviour from Adalo today.

Agreed - I am getting furious clients asking why their apps aren’t working and when will they be fixed and I literally have no answer. ‘It’s Adalo’ is not cutting it.
Time to stop focussing on increased revenue and more on reliability.


We’ve spent the last few (6+ and counting…) hours looking into Flutterflow as an alternative…

We weren’t planning on rebuilding our app this morning, but an outage at this scale just won’t cut it for us when we launch.

Hopefully serious changes + learnings come from this for the Dev team, including taking the rest of the world outside of the USA into account when undertaking updates. 1am in the USA is not 1am in Australia… It’s prime app usage time…


Hi all,

I understand that the timeframe of this update is not to your standards; please follow our status page for updates.

More information can be found here: Service Interruption — September 18, 2022 - #2

Thank you,


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Agreed, My client is using the app constantly. Now my client is getting furious mentioning the app is not working and telling them this is due to Adalo problem does not solve the issues.

When can we expect things to be back online Katelyn? It’s been more than six hours now - which for us is in the middle of the day.

Hi me also i also got panic when my database is zero right now I hope the devs of adalo can fix asap

Hi @pmgaus,

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not know. The updates we are receiving from AWS on our end are sparse, at best. We certainly would have assumed this would have been restored before now.


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Likewise - this is middle of the day on a Sunday in the UK now and my clients are furious. Updating is one thing but to have a complete outage for more than 6 hours with zero prior notice is unforgivable especially at the prices we are expected to be paying soon.


Hi Katelyn, it may be AWS’ fault, but that response is no different to us telling our paying clients that this is Adalo’s fault.
This needs an immediate resolution.

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Guys :point_down:

And let’s discuss it here : All data disappered