Need your help with duplication and list problems

Hello, I am stuck on this step of my project, do you have an idea so I can move forward?

I would like to make sure that when a user clicks on the 08:00, he disappears but the others in the list remain. And that the information is not duplicated in the database.

thanks for your help

Hi @Ilyesoupro,

Can you add a screenshot of the Database that connected to the list? And I guess in the list you didn’t add the date from magic text? And I suggest to create a One to Many relationship to store who created adding Logged in user there instead of creating a text property to store who created.

You can hide the clicked item with grouping the components inside the list and add a visibility condition from All Logged in user’s > Reservations 2 count. You can add that same condition on the Create action too!

Like Victor explain in this video : Adalo Prevent Duplicate Records & allow user to update existing record instead. - YouTube

Thank you

Most times when you simply copy a custom list, changes to it are synched across the copies, to solve this all u gotta do is change “What is this a list of” to a different collection and then revert to the original collection.

hope this helps

Hi @Taro,

I think that issue has been solved!

Thank you

That’s really weird since I’m still facing this issue :smiley:

Hi, I found a solution for my problem

make the 08:00 disappear when it is used
it’s not nice to see but it works

I put you the screenshots if you want more explanations tell me.

Thanks for your help


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