New Price Model

Dear Adalo,

I am using your platform for several years now.
I can proudly say that I got an extremely Adalo pro and there is no project that I could not build with your editor.

Even if Adalo does not provide best ui design tool, I learned how to build beautiful designs anyways.

Two days ago one of my apps stopped working and everytime one of my clients wanted to trigger an action which would add, edit or delete a database item the hint “Action cannot be completed” would appear.

I could not find the error so I searched help in the forum here and I even raised support tickets.

But later on I realized that I was an idiot because this was no bug or error – no, it was because Adalo switched to their new price model which allows you to control if your app (and website) is published or not. If not published so, actions wont work and clients cannot use your application.

I though, hey this is basically really cool because it can help me to do a rollout if I’d finish a new update or something.

But then, I found out that I was a complete idiot again because now, you can only publish 1 app and not more. Only if you switch to a higher plan, you would be able to create like 4 more apps?

Adalo, is this a joke to you?
I am creating several new apps a month without knowing if I am going to delete them or keeping them because my clients would like it.

I really loved Adalo but with this new price systeme, everything that made Adalo great is gone now.

Custom actions, high amount of app actions, unlimited amounts of projects for free.

Someone once said somewhere, that we should leave Adalo asap. The person said, that Adalo could limit any feature and release it for a high plan any time.

I did not believe this because I truly saw the interest behind the Adalo Team.

But now I can see that this person was right - about all and it is really sad to see this bad change of my favorite project builder tool. More than thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of creating projects that my clients loves. And this is how it ends?
A stupid new price plan which absolutely nobody can afford. It is really sad and I know that you, Adalo, are going to lose at least half of your customers because they’ll just switch to another platform.

As long as you not undo this, I have to leave Adalo.
I am feeling really fooled.

I’ve just seen the new pricing model myself and it’s unrealistic and unaffordable for the average man. I’ve got 6 months to move my apps somewhere else and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Perhaps it’s time to bite the bullet and develop apps properly instead of taking shortcut methods.

They say if something seems too good to be true, it probably is, Adalo was that for me.

The nail in the coffin for me is the unreliability. All databases are down again and have been for hours.

Where do I go to see the current number of actions for the month and for past months so i can plan appropriately?