Offline video playback

Hi! I’m wondering if there is anyway to have a video work when offline. Plyr Video only allows links for videos. I am creating an app that will be sent through a corporate device that will be offline when it is first sent to customers and I need to have a video work so im able to introduce people to the app and how it works. Any help would be great. thank you.

Is this for Android or iOS. I know one video player which can play offline videos. Do you have idea where file will be stored? Will video file be part of the application?

Android. I’m not entirely sure how I would store the video maybe local video storage but I wanted to see if it was even possible.

I don’t remember if I saw any component which can store files/assets locally.
We have local-storage, but it is not used for storing files.
I can develop such component.

How much would you charge for it? I am a student so money is tight right now. :sweat_smile:

Ohhh, men.

I can customize video player and allow to attach video file and reach to $150.

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I’ll get back to you, if I want to do this. Like I said earlier I am tight on money, so maybe once I get more, i’ll contact you.

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