What Custom Components do YOU want in the Marketplace?

I guess @gskachkov already created a Audio Recorder :eyes:


Wow paying monthly for a component - it would need to be one hell of a component :joy:

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Would you guys rather pay monthly or like $25?

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@iAppsNi He he, Just ping me when you will need one of my component. I always can give you a hell of a discount. :wink:
The list is growing


I meant an Audio player component

$140 A MONTH for the Facebook login … are you okay, I can get a dude on upwork to develop it from scratch for 200.

Sorry I take that back since your website doesn’t even work :rofl:

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Isn’t there already one?

James, I believe he need a Improved Audio Player with these features! : Develop a better audio component

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@Taro :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: It doesn’t contain the Facebook Login part of the SDK, only Facebook Events Logging, and it still costs $139. Even more, you can use Facebook Events Logging as REST API over Adalo’s custom actions without my component, and my users know about this. But according to my logs, it is used by 4 applications.

Feel free to ping me in DM each time if you receive a quote higher than $600 on UpWork or Fiverr. I’ll check if I can make the Adalo Component cheaper.

I’ll ping you in DM according to the issue on my site. I don’t see any problem there, and several new users installed my components. By the way, @dilon_perera, Thanks for the Ad :slight_smile: You increased my traffic.

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Offline function that is simple and saves complete lists. I find Pragmaflow’s too cumbersome.

Exactly, we need an audio component that’s worthy of a streaming service, but it can be quite complex

James this could be another component request!



Awesome thread!
I have a component I would really love: a better photo picker / taker.

The current way to pick or make a photo is really cumbersome:

  • I have to (specifically) click on the ‘image picker’ component.
  • I then have to immediately choose between taking a photo or choosing from library
  • If I take a photo then I have to take the picture itself
  • I have to click ‘use photo’.
  • Then wait till image is loaded
  • And then use a button or other action to actually save/link it to the right collection item.

That is 5 steps and an indeterminate waiting time. Just to get one photo.

I would love a whatsapp style image taker / picker that you can prompt from any action (even screen load).

  • Action to call up image picker
  • Immediately take photo or select one of the last taken from your library (or go to view whole library).
  • If take photo → save it directly and link it to collection item. (The whatsapp step of adding a message and then sending can be skipped).
  • If selecting from library, conform selection → done.

That way an image can be added in 2 or 3 steps.
Very big UX improvement - especially as my app is very user content focussed.

Bonuspoint for easily adding multiple photos from camera or library in one go!

Would pay top dollar for a (stable) component that does this.


I’ll look into it. Any one else interested in this component?


here’s the video of the dynamic background component and color picker component (coming soon) together! :slight_smile:

(click the link to watch a high quality version)

Adalo Marketplace Components (1)

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Can you build an Offline function that is simple and saves complete lists? I find Pragmaflow’s too cumbersome

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I agree for a new video player with automatic fullscreen.

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Yawns, don’t you think a price comparison like this is unhealthy, especially as an Adalo community leader?
Thinking about it, if I just build a background component and give out for free and say because yours is $$ and mine is free.


Yeah I agree, my bad.

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Hey everyone, I’ve made a google form for you to fill out of what component you want in Adalo.

This will make it easier to track what components the community wants! :slightly_smiling_face: