Ordering App - Choose location at before checkout

So after further trying to figure out how to setup this pizza ordering app I realized a much more efficient way to make it all happen.

Currently, I used the ordering app as the base of my app. This is for a chain restaurant so the menu is identical at all the locations.

So the flow is like this

  1. User Logins
  2. Chooses which location they want to order from
  3. Starts order (this creates an order associated with the location)
  4. Adds order items (creates order items that is linked to that order)
  5. Checks out
  6. That location is notified and can see all their orders on another app using the same database

What I want to do is this

  1. User logs in
  2. User Selects “start order” (this would create an order that is not yet associated with a location)
  3. On the checkout screen (or cart screen) they choose what location they want to order from (this then transfers the order to the appropriate location)
  4. user complets the purchase
  5. Store in notified.

We currently have a hacked together website and we just launched location 2 on it and we’re finding that people are ordering from the wrong spot so I thought it would be good to let them make that desicion last.

So I attempted to create it like this

  1. User Logs In

  2. User Views menu then starts an order -> triggers a new order

  3. User adds order items to the order -> Order items are added to current order

  4. I have a select box that has the locations: User selects the order they want

  5. This is where it breaks - I see the option to change order. I was thinking I could change the order location to the location by using conditional visibility but it won’t let me choose a location. I get an infinite menu that says current order > location> Users > Orders > Location > Users > Orders etc

Not sure where I went wrong here

You may find it easier to allow the user to start an order, then next select the location. This gives you the flexibility to let users “update” their desired location on some type of “Review Order” screen.

I’ve been building a similar app and my testers found it more user friendly (and it’s how the food ordering Unicorns have designed their apps:smirk:)

Hi @launchpadcreative,

On the step 4 you may try to create a list of locations (Custom list or other), and then have an “Update” action for the Current order, when User clicks on the location. With this “Update” action you set the location in the Order to Current location.
Quick and dirty solution, but should work IMO.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you! I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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I am starting to see it that way as well. Thank you so much for the suggestion

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