Photos Take Long to Display

Hey Guys!

I’d like some advice Please. I have an app with all my photos about 300+ in a photo DB Collections serving to the whole app. Photos tales a while to display (The first time a screen opens up) the next time its quite faster. Should i rather have multiple DB Collections?

More info:
I have a local directory app which displays all shops, services, food and more. Currently, one photo DB Collection contains all food, services and shops photos. Should i rather have a photo db for food, and a photo db for shops and a photo db for services in stead? will this increase the display time? (I kept the image size to a min… not more than 2mb per photo…)

Thanks you in advance!

Hiya, are you loading them all at once? If so try the “lazy loading” option in the advanced dropdown in the list

@tbel lazy loading isn’t working at the moment- I’ve raised a ticket and it’s been acknowledged by the support guys but nothing happened after that.

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@Franna Have a look at what I wrote here: The best way to source images - #4 by speakupboy

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Really? Hmm Works for me last I checked in a Custom List, which maybe the difference.