Placeholder Image Not Showing and Relationship Can't be set via API

Hi there. My question is two-fold.

1st I have a collection of Users and one of Assets. I’m rendering an image list using the Asset URL. Right now I have it set to only show All Assets with a custom filter If “User Email is equal to Logged In User > Email”. I want a placeholder image to show if there are no assets matching this but I’m unsure if the “count” refers to all assets or only the assets that match the custom filter. The placeholder image refuses to show at all. Even when using an empty Test collection.

2nd I am creating new Assets through the Collections API. I have a relationship One User may have many Assets but an Asset may only belong to one User. The problem is that I can only set a property “User Email” via the API endpoint but obviously I cannot set the relationship User to be the email address. When I create a new Asset manually it asks me via a drop down list to set the User (it uses the email address). How can I do this in an automated way when calling the API endpoint? Is this even possible or is there a walk around?

Just a note the reason why I think these are interlinked is because if I can set the relationship Asset > User when creating an Asset then if I set the placeholder image then the count will work for a an Asset count of 0 per User.

Hi Kenneth,

  1. Can you provide some screenshots of how you have set this up?

  2. Currently relationships are not covered in our documentation but this is something we will be releasing in the future. There is a workaround where you can add a relationship by using the recordID of that record. However, it is better to not mess with this yet until our documentation can properly explain how to do it.

Hi Colin,

Apologies on the late response, didn’t realise somebody would reply so fast. Here are some screenshots showing what I’ve done so far.


Just a note the top left, top right, and bottom left describe what I’m talking about in point one. I just want the placeholder image to show if there are no Asset URLs for Logged In User > Email.

Failing this I wanted to have text to display sometimes (bottom right image) but only if the count of Assets for a specific user has a count of 0. Hope you might still be able to help me.

In your last screenshot, image

You have an option to add a filter to that asset count. “+ ADD ASSETS FILTER”

Adding in your filter there will allow you to narrow it down on a per user basis.

Ah thank you Colin,

but then how do I make an Asset belong to a User when I add an entry to the Asset collection through the API?

Hi Colin,

thank you for your response. Its working now!

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