Possible to do a multi selection filter using a dropdown and a pill/tab selection?

Hello, I am creating a personal training app and trying to create a dynamic list based on a selected week (listed in dropdown) and by day (based on a tab selection). I would like it to filter based on either or both selections.

Regarding the “tab” selection, I followed the linked tutorial below which was super helpful, but I’m having a hard time tying this all together. Since each day has its own screen/page, I’m finding that when I change days, the dropdown isn’t staying on the originally selected day, which makes sense given it’s a new page. Is there a way to do this?

In terms of database setup, I have one database with just a list of numbers that populate the “WEEK” dropdown. The other database is for the exercises themselves which also contains a column for week, one for day, and then columns for the exercise/protocol themselves.

For each lists filter, I filter the exercise database based on its “week” column being equal to the week selected (different database). I’m not sure if these need to be linked together since the exercise database also has a week column? Not sure if that makes sense?

I then try to combine it with an and function for the day column in the exercise database, setting it to be equal to whatever numbers value of the current screen’s week.

If you made it this far thank you lol. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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