Postmark Integration

Has anyone out there successfully completed an integration with Postmark? I love Postmark for its affordability and high performance in delivery of transactional emails. I’m wondering if someone has figured out how to integrate with it directly or through other tools? And if not, if there is a savvy developer who might be interested in a commission on a job like that?

@tkasenberg I just did the integration and was able to send out an email right away, here are the steps for you to integrate.

This is a quick custom action, if you’d like to sent template messages, you should include the template ID in the json body, the documentation is comprehensive to help you achieve this quickly.
hope this helps.

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Thanks so much! That’s amazing! I might have further questions… so beware! lol

No problem, that’ll give me an opportunity to explore further. Happy to help! Cheers

It would be interesting to see how we could do the “table” features within Postmark’s Moustache language. So formatting some arrays of JSON in advance?

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