Problem with Modal (resets Image Slider)

I’m having an issue with the modal and Image Slider function. I scroll through some of the images in the image slider (lets say image 10 of 20).
Then, I click a button that triggers a modal. When I close the modal it goes back to the first image.
This causes a big problem because the user has to restart every time.

Screen transitions - here the link back from a modal - are the main trigger in Adalo to pull data. That means the list/data for the Slider images will be refreshed.
You need to somehow sort or filter the list based not the current image sequence number.
@anon78309838 I am not sure, if this can be done without adding this as a function into the component itself.

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That makes sense. I hope there is a way to do this. It’s actually really important for my project.

Unfortunately not possible right now it seems. If you create a comment on this feature request, it can be reviewed as a possibility when it is being developed: Anchor links | Voters | Adalo

Just did. I really hope you can. It’s kind of a deal breaker for my app.

Have you tried this in a native app build? iOS or Android yet?

Not yet. Still finishing the app (maybe 1 more week). Will that effect it?

For lists going from a modal back to the previous screen it remembers the position of scrolling in the app but not the PWA. Worth to try it out.


This is good news. I look forward to testing it out then.

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