Qr Code Scan for notification?


Could you help me to use the QR code generator and scan QR code for an application of alert of postal mail or parcel deposited by a letter carrier or deliveryman.

1/ The QR code corresponds to a user of the application as a private individual who sticks it on his mailbox (so it is the email that will be coded on the Qr Code when the individual registers)

2/ Then the letter carrier and deliveryman create a user account in order to be able to scan and send a notification in the application to the private user and this several times at each passage.

I have created a “notification” collection in relation to the particular users but I don’t know how to configure the scan create notifiction? Should I put a “mail user” field in my database “notification” or not necessary because there is already the relationship with the users.

I am interested to see your vision in this use case?

Another point to test the application with the scan, do I have to publish it with a plan or 14 tests or can I do it in the Preview version?

Thank you very much,

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