QR code scanner doesn't always scan

Hi, I’m using the QR code scanner in a restaurant app. The user scans the code on their table, which logs them on to the app as that user (with a default password) and they are sent to a page with terms and conditions. There’s a button to log out again on that page, which redirects them back to the page with the QR scanner.

If they tap that button and log out/go back, the QR scanner doesn’t scan anymore. The camera image is shown, but there is no event when it scans anything.

Strage thing is that when they go throught the order process, and they are logged of after that, the scanner does work as you would expect…

Someone had any insights on this?

Hi @Taxfree1972,

Most probably this happens due to the action on the “button to log out again” on this page. I can imagine it has an action “link back”. Try to change this action to linking to explicit screen (the one with scanner) and see if this helps.


Thanks! Will test and let you know.

Yep, that was exactly the problem! Thanks!

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Hi @Taxfree1972,

Pleasure to help :slight_smile:

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