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How to implement a “Requested” button?
With the N to N relation I was able to implement the follow and unfollow buttons, but I understand that I would have to have a boolean field (true/false), which I would not be able to do in an N to N relation.

Hi @Diogo,

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Not sure if I understand your question. Could you please clarify, what do you mean by “Requested” button? Which process would you like to implement?


Hi @Victor!
I would like to implement the buttons similarly to Instagram.
4 status: “follow”, “requested”, “following”, “unfollow”.

When requesting a person to follow, the status goes to “requested”, only after they accept the invitation does the status change, going to the following status and enabling the unfollow function.

Is it possible with Adalo?

Hi @Diogo,

Yes, this is possible.
I’ve created a video example for you: (it is still uploading). You can enhance this example to include blocked, declined, etc. requests.

Best regards, Victor.

Excelente Victor! Thanks!

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