Requested by unregistered user

Hi, I wanted to ask if it was possible to send a request as an unregistered user to a registered user, filling in the fields such as; name, mail tel, message. Thank you!!

Hi @william ,

Put the request screen before going to home screen, such as at welcome screen or its linked screens.

Have an input text field to let unregistered user type the email address and have a make-list button that filter for all users with email equal to input field.

Other input fields you can just show after the registered user exist.

Hi @yongki, I will try as you advised me and hope to succeed. Thank you!

hi @Yongki,

I tried as you advised me, but the request reaches all users. I have been using Adalo for 10 days and I am not very good.
Here is what I would like to do:

Browsing the portal, I see the list of professionals, I click on the user I “like”, and on his profile I have the possibility to click the “contact” button. Within the “contact” screen, I have to fill in some fields, including the message, so that the user receives my message and my data, obviously as an unregistered user. I also tried to create private profiles to contact the professionals, but the private one appears in the list of professionals and I don’t want this. How can I create a private profile without it appearing in the professional list? I hope I explained myself. Thanks for your patience.

@william ,

You need to show your database relationship, as this is the key to have you view and save information.

There are many ways to achieve a goal, but usually only one or two are the most possible ways.

I would say your contact screen have current user, you can save it in your collection and have them show as notification to the liked professional.

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