Retrieve data from collection – if yes, then action; if not, then another action

on my website I have a form built on Elementor form sending data to an Airtable base via Zapier’s webhook. In this form, leads are asked to answer a questionnaire.
In my Adalo app, I have the same questionnaire. Users are asked to complete it after they sign-up. Fact is, I’d like to limit this only for users that did not already completed it on the website (hence, are not recorded in the Airtable base).
So, the action after the Submit Button is hit would be “Link to Welcome Page” if User’s email address is among the ones that completed the questionnaire, and “Link to Questionnaire Page” if User’s email address is not among ones that completed the questionnaire.
How can I do that?

Hi @Productology
when a user completes the questionnaire, you can go and change a value in a dedicated field that you could call “questionnaire completed?”
It can be a text value or a true / false field.
At this point you activate an automatic action that is activated when the page is loaded which is activated only if the user does NOT have the value True when answering the question “questionnaire completed?” and sends it back to the page you decide.
In this way the user will never be able to access the page dedicated to users who have completed the questionnaire.
This is a solution.
There are also others if you want.

This does not solve the problem.
When Leads (not Users yet) complete the questionnaire on my website, the record is sent to the Airtable base. I could also send the record to a Collection inside Adalo called “Questionnaires coming from website” (setting up Zapier with Webhook > Create a record on Aritable base > Create a record on Adalo collection). It doesn’t matter. The point is that now the record is in a collection that’s not Adalo Users collection (it’s either an Airtable base or “Questionnaires coming from website”).
Now, when a User signs up (chronologically this happens after the questionnaire is completed on the website), I should find a way to make the system go through all the records in the “Questionnaires coming from website” collection/the Airtable base (specifically through the “Email” column, that would be a plain text field), and, if among those there’s the User’s email address, then set up an action (it can be an action that automatically happens when page is loaded, or a button that has a “Sometime happens”, it doesn’t matter).

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