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Hi everyone.
I´m here again with other newbie question. Let´s go
I need to invite a group of users to a diferents events. To do this I have created a group of users with a numbers of users inside. If I create an event I can select the groups with a combo. No problem with that.
My problem comes when I try to invite a Group directly from the group of users.
I have 3 screens.
The first one contains a list of user_groups. If you click one of them you go to the second screen.
The second screen shows you the list of users (in a list) and the rest of the fields of the group of users in texfields.
I´m trying to link the second screen to the third one sending the value of the name of the group.
And now i have the problem. I can´t send the data relative to the group. I have tried to make a button, create a list with it and filter to reduce the results to one, but its impossible to generate a link that send the group data.
I need to know if I can send the data contained in a texfield (text fields contains the data that i need to filter in the third screen)
Thanks in advance

I’ve a bug confirmed with Adalo at the moment. Data you expect to go to screen 3 (from 1) doesn’t, even though it is listed as “Available”.

This might be the same. Confirm it by dropping the ‘Group name’ into some magic text on screen 3. If that doesn’t show then it’s the bug I describe.

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I’ll try copy a texfield from screen one (that contains the groupname in Magic text) to the second screen and use It to link to the third Page.

Yes, this is my case. Its a problem. I hope that Adalo solve it as soon as possible. If I try to list the group of users in the third screen with a criteria to reduce the list to my group its imposible.

Hi again. I got it !!!
The magic consist in create in the second screen a new list of user groups but settings the criteria group_user name → current group_user_name. That way you have in the second screen all group_user data to send where you want.
In the same way, in the second screen, you can make a list of users that you can use as you need.
I hope this will be helpful to others.

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