Sharing User Profiles Over Text Message

I’d like to have the ability to share a user profile via text messaging in my app. So if someone taps the “share” button a ui will pop up so they can share that with their friends. I see that there’s a “share” action in Adalo, but I can only select a specific field from a table to share (for example the user’s name), not a link to the current profile being viewed. Is there a way to share a link to the profile, so when someone clicks it, they can view the same page with the same content?


You could direct them to the user by using a unique code, that they type in. Something like this-

Have a share code collection with a number for a code and a relationship to users.
Action create > new > share code

  • update new share code > relationship current user
  • share code number > RAN(111111,999999)
    (the above line is generating a random number between 111111 and 999999 using the RAN function on Adalo)

So now you have a share code record which is linked to a certain user.

Send the link to your Adalo app via sms and also the share code that has been generated.

When they come to your Adalo app they can input the share code. Have this display a list of share codes where share code number = user text input. This list can display current share code > user > name. When they click on the list item it can direct to a profile page.

Another more simple way is of course having a unique user ID for every user on your app and have them entering that.

I know you are looking for a more direct way to link straight to the profile but I’m not sure if that’s possible on Adalo right now.

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