Show full name in dropdpwn selection of users instead of email


So I want to show full names in dropdown forms and selection of users instead of email addresses, I tried moving the full name column to the left, no success, moves right but not left, I m guessing that would fix it, but please tell me its possible somehow…I ve got my entire app built, this one thing looks primitive and not user friendly.


You choose which field to display on the dropdown menu component itself. It’s the ‘Label Field’ setting.


Thank you, I figured this one but I was talking about an entire form from a specific collection…I guess i ll have separate my form. Thank you appreciate it.

Oh and it’s an honor to meet you sir, didn’t realize i m talking to the Adalo guy himself, big fan on YouTube lol.


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BRO----You are A GENIUS, saved me hours of redoing all my dropdown forms and creating new ones, thanks so much, was going mad trying to reposition the Full name first in the collection lol, didn’t even think of moving them up and down in the database, you lean every day.

MUCH MUCH appreciated. :pray: :pray:

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question, after I have done this change, which is to position full name before email, it looks like my most important screen has lost data, all the functions are still there, working perfectly, however when I try to create a text, image, or whatever, and link magical txt from data, the data is not linked. something broke and I have been going all over the place and relinking pages, without success.

What doesn’t Adalo just allow you to select the data you want in any screen? whats the limitation for ?

Hmm… That seems weird! If you change the order back to the previous order does the issue get solved? I’m guessing that these data are missing before changing the order too.

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