Since yesterday's adalo outage, I can't see the users collection

Since yesterday’s adalo outage, I can’t see the users collection.

I can use the export function, so when I download it, there are about 4 users in the csv file, and the email is blank.

I imagine that this is the reason why I can’t refer to it, but what should I do?

It is also not possible to delete 4 users.

I thought about recreating the users collection from scratch, but the screen design has progressed considerably, so recreating it is difficult.

When I signed up from the screen, this message appeared, and I repeated this several times, so it seems that users with blank emails were created.

I was able to sign up after a small sign up change, so after playing around with the app, I discovered that the users collection hadn’t been updated.

I can insert into the users collection, but I can’t update it.

Since you were manipulating the users collection during yesterday’s adalo outage, is it possible that that caused the lock?

No one can help you here with such an issue, open a ticket with Adalo support !

Thank you!
I didn’t know where to contact Adalo support, but I contacted them yesterday and they have responded.
thank you.

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