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I have been going about this social sharing functionality. Pragma Flow used to have a good and easy way of adding the functionality for what i have read out there.

Since their server is down and i presume they have stopped providing the service… I was wondering if any of you have found a way around this.

Typically, I would like users to be forced to share a post when using the app at the point of moving to another screen as an action within a button object. AKA, two actions, click on button, share post & follow to the next screen after sharing has been done (don’t know if this is possible, but was something i’d like to try and use). Most crucial is the social share functionality.

I have managed to download the Pragma Flow github social share file. but struggling to add it to the library. Installed Node, created a component, logged into my adalo account via Node terminal and created a library following these instructions ( Creating a Component | Adalo. however, i am stuck on how to proceed and upload the github files to my adalo library.

I am not sure if this is how it works… simply upload but would appreciate those of you who has done anything along those lines to provide a help in hand if its even possible.

Thank you so much for your time,



Down temporarily. We still provide service. Spoke with adalo yesterday, we will be back online permanently soon.


If you want to try it yourself still, here are some instructions


Excellent! Thanks

I am on a windows computer,

I am assuming is not as easy as downloading the git to your local computer and somewhat upload it to adalo on command line followed by start using it… If you are going to start the service permanantly… maybe it might be worth waitng…?

Ill try follow the steps and see if i succeed in any way… is there a tutorial video anywhere?

worst case I’ll upload it with a linux distro if i can get my hands on one and follow the steps directly.

Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it.



Component development does not work on windows, you need linux, or at least WSL on windows as the post from James mentions. My suggestion is to wait until Friday. Apparently the fix for our servers is already in testing at Adalo and I should be getting the information required from Adalo shortly. I am hoping Friday is the day we come back online, but we are at the mercy of Adalo.

Wow, happy to wait then.

Thanks for your post reply. Ill keep working on other areas that need attention. The next week or two is just round the corner and perfect.



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Any news on the above?



I have no official news from Adalo, however poking around at some of the new things I see in the Adalo editor this week leads me to believe it won’t be much longer.

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@TKOTC I did not realize that this component was not functioning and included it in my latest app version. When the component is fixed, will I need to re-release a new version of my app?

Any word from Adalo on why this component was effected and when it will be back up and running?

What is the issue with the component? Is there a specific social site you are trying to connect with? Recently someone raised that the Whatsapp was not working, but after testing it was.

Can you provide more information?

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