Static text editor

Can I make the text of a text input box static so users can navigate to different screens and not lose their text input?

Ie. The “Copy & Paste” element stays the same even if the user changes pages.

I’m trying to create an editor. (Note: UI does not exist :grin:)

TIA :technologist:

Hi @DrBee,

I’m not sure but as I remember the inputs values get empty when going through some 2,3 screens. In here I think what you have to do is storing this value in a property in the users collection. For store that you may need a button or you can add the update action to the back button or you could use a countdown : Adalo experiments: how to create auto save for input - YouTube ( made by Victor )

Or you can use this component made by Michael! : 🐒 Autosave Text Input | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Thank you

Thanks, @dilon_perera! I’m still experimenting although I don’t think there is a way to do exactly what I want. Yet. Michael’s component is a great suggestion and I will probably use it if the MVP shows traction. Really appreciate the response :+1:

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