Stripe payment component not reacting?

Hi, is it just on my apps or is everyone else’s stripe components for payments not working?

the component does not allow me to input anything in test or live mode.


It shows this error in the console: cannot create a customer

Hi Axel,

Does this still happens? Did you submitted a ticket? Did you tried deleting the component and adding it again? Did you checked that all the fields are filled?

Thank you

Hi Dilon!

yes, it’s still happening. I submitted a ticket but have not heard back with any solution (they said its only happening to me).
All fields are filled out correctly.

thank you

Wow, @dilon_perera did it again! I gave him access to my app and even though its super late for him he got it to work.

Literally, nobody could figure this out and Dilon made some magic here. thank you so much!


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