Strips on the screen

When in preview, and link from one screen to another has been executed, there is a very thin colorful strip along the left edge of the screen which is not expected there. It looks like containing elements of the previous screen. I have checked all the forms to be precisely aligned with the edges of the screen, didn’t help.

Hi @Ruslanskij

Try click and drag the whole screen to see if there are components invisible that can be selected.

Hi!) You know, what’s funniest? This effect was still there today when I went to my Adalo account and ran the preview again. Then I chose components one by one, then, also, did same in the left window where all of them were listed. Though I didn’t edit anything, didn’t do anything but just exactly what I described. And, this “strip” effect disappeared. How do you explain that?)))

Magic. Adalo magic. Let’s call it “caressing effect” :wink: I paid extra attention to the Adalo App, the App felt better, and stopped being difficult))) Omg)))

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