Super slow typing. Is this normal?


I published this app a couple of days ago and typing is incredibly slow. I am not pulling any data for those text input fields. Not sure why this so slow or what can i do to speed it up.

Please help.

Attached a video sample.

The app

Is this persistent if you close it and reopen it?

What device are you using?

This is persistent and has been like that since launch a couple of days back.

It’s the same behavior I diferent of device. I have used it on a oneplus 8 and on a couple of macbooks pro.

If you look in the network tap of dev tools. It looks like it is getting data from the database regarding the drop down fields bellow every time I type a character. Not sure why it would do that.

Hola Diego, has tratado de reducir la cantidad de menus desplegables, o ponerlos en diferentes paginas. Estas haciendo algún tipo de filtro en los menus desplegables?

What seems weird is that every time i type, i get a bunch of get request to the db. That is whats is making the input field slow. But i have action associated to those input fields, so i am not even sure why they are being called.

here is a video

As you can see from the image i have nothing attached to this field.

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Interesting find @diego, I also noticed some latency when inputting text and this definitely explains things.
Also, I notice Loop fonction that Gets a record every 2 seconds on page view.

Not sure this is normal :thinking:

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