Supercharge your Adalo Apps! Beautiful native icons & Cloneable UI Kits crafted with Adalo


Well done for this amazing work!
Your website looks super great. :slight_smile:
I went through the website that you built with Adalo, right?
I’m wondering how you integrated the country selection in the Signup form?
It’s been a while I’m trying but I can’t find the way… :roll_eyes:

I guess this will help other users too.

Thanks @TORCH!

Yes the entire site was made with Adalo.
The country field in sign up form is just a collection with a relationship to User collection.
A Country can have multiple users, Users can only have one country - relationship.
What’s amazing about my country asset is that it comes with flags :wink: in case you need to display the user’s country.

Hey boss I just bought these icon flags but they wont download to my computer. What am I missing? Instruction please! Thanks.

@peterkilaba Peter it is a cloneable Adalo Project(project + collection with image and img URLS).
IF you need the physical file I’ll dm you.

Ok. so how do i use it in my project? cause when i try to download, it just give me url link and not sure how to proceed. thanks

At the bottom of that URL

Click clone project and it will be added as one of your project.
You will then need to add it on the project that you are working on.
Watch this tutorial when you feel like lost:

Where can we find medical icons ? I didn’t get that on website

It would be on the super collection mate

This is very cool. Are the video backgrounds a premium only asset?

Yes mate, try to create an account and see it action. It will show you how to do it so you can implement your own.

It was hard to implement this but when people buy premium stuffs it inspires me to do more help and create cool stuffs :blush::pray:t3:

Really great work! I bookmarked for later. Thanks!! :star_struck:

Love love this!!! Gonna try this out.

Hey everyone, I just got back after some time. Hope everybody is safe wherever you are guys.
I would like to send my thanks to a lot of people who bought and supported my Adalo DESIGNX UI Kit! I am inspired to do more!

Now more than ever, I believe custom UI kits are important coz Apple has tightened its process on Design Copycats. The approval process is tight! I will have some cool UI Kits.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Hey all,

Today, this project has evolved to a new version as DesignX Creative App for Adalo. :raised_hands:
Here’s the first look at the Creative App:

Join today and get full access by subscribing here:
First 20 subscribers will have 1 month free subscription! :raised_hands: :raised_hands:
Thanks! :pray:

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Jim , if you haven’t already… check out Creative App: :ok_hand:

DESIGNX Creative App - Craft beautiful Adalo powered Apps & Web Apps

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Hello. I want this video background for my app BodiGuard but can I swap out those videos that you got on there for my own footage?

How you have Laos too? I don’t see the Laos flag?

Have you tested this on Live apps? I want to use it if it works.

I have tested it. I sent you a DM.

I think so. Basically this is a reusable resource. Ready to use Collections with image resource.