TRUE/FALSE Position of block on the screen

I have a screen where I used a TRUE/FALSE condition in database - I understand with true/false, if we then align the different group of component, when a certain condition is selected (TRUE) for example) then the block that is not selected should disappear and take the position more in top of the screen.

This switch of position is not working on my case. Do you know what is wrong?

Hi @juliane,

Did you add a rectangle behind the buttons? Check the Patrick’s course : Adalo App Academy

Also you can check this video that I made for another user regarding this same issue : Custom Top Bar.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

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Hi @juliane ,

Snap the top simple list to the upper components, together with second simple list.

At the simple list, put conditional visibility of logged in user is not equal to empty.

Using visibility will move the list up.

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