Verification Process Before Full Login - Signup


I’ve been trying to have the user :
Screen 1. Signup with basic credentials (Name, E-mail, Password)
Scree 2. Take him to a verification screen where he needs to add more info to his profile such as Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, etc.
Screen 3. We then proceed to a verification on our end and tell him to wait while his account is being reviewed.

On screen 2, I created a Form which should “Update Current Logged in User”'s info. That’s where I add User Fields such as DOB, Address, etc. to have that user “complete” his profile with more info.

However, after the basic sign up on Screen 1, Screen 2 goes unresponsive. After trying to preview the app with or without the form, I understand that this “Update Current Logged In User” action is what is causing this issue.

Why is that? Does someone have a workaround for this?



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Yes. Between screen 1 and screen 2, add a blank screen, call it let’s say “workaround”. Link screen 1 to the workaround screen. Then in the workaround screen, at screen level, add an action “when user visits this screen” : link to screen 2.

It should do what you expect, current user data should be available in screen 2.

Hi @ChristopheHK,

Thanks for this. However, it doesn’t seem to work. My Screen 2 still bugs and is unresponsive, even with an intermediary screen.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

So try to add another intermediate screen, workaround1 and workaround2

And please share a screenshot, that will provide us with more info on your app screens layout and architecture

Still not working. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I’m “Updating Current Logged In User”'s info.

Could it be that the User “isn’t logged in” yet? Even after Signup?

Here’s the basic scheme :

I’ve added an intermediary Screen 2 (as a Welcome Screen) between Signup & Verification screen.

In the left panel of the editor, at screen level (select the whole screen), you have a section “Available data”. Check if the “Current logged in user” is part of these data

On Verification Screen, this is what I get :

Hum, looking at your sign up form, first screen, it appears to me quite strange. Normaly, the sign up is a form, so what’s strange is that you have the “Already have an account” text button atop of the signup button.

Could you please try to put this text button at the bottom of your screen, and try again ?

No, ok, I tried and your problem is not due to the position of the text button.
What happens…

WHat do you call “unresponsive” ? After submitting the updates, nothing happened ? Have you check in the Users collection if the changes were happened ?

I feel like that doesn’t change anything, it’s just a button.

I’ve tried with and WITHOUT the “Update User Info” and it works without having a form to “update” User info. Can someone think of what’s going on?

The screen loads, then goes completely blank with nothing showing up on it.

After the update action, is there a link to another screen? Also, during your test, are the updated or added data correctly added in the database for your test user?

I can’t believe the update current user does not work, so there’s something else. Maybe a link to a “thank you” screen to add, after the update.