Web App Custom Domain SSL Error

I’ve got the same error. Set up a subdomain on my hosting but now I have added the CNAME record I just get the error. TBP Access Control

Ignore me, refreshed the SSL on Adalo and it fixed the issue!

I published a web app on a custom domain and i get an error about the ssl certificate. Please assist in resolving this.

Hi Ben, unfortunately I have the same issue with my domain: app.pivitplus.com Thanks for the help. Regards

@anon78309838 Hi Colin, are you able to support me in this case? Thank you in advance! Regards, Edin.

Hi @Edin,

Try to reset SSL certificate for this subdomain (top right corner in the editor → settings → domains).

If this doesn’t work (you need to wait 5-10 minutes for the scripts to finish), try to recreate the domain (delete domain and add it again).

If this doesn’t help as well, then please submit a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi Victor,

thank you very much! The reset instruction with (top right corner in the editor → settings → domains) worked well. Best regards, Edin.

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Hi @anon78309838 , @Victor !

I have the same issue with my domains, unfortunately.
my.surfroam.com - certificate expired and there is no way to reset it…, every mentioned procedure is unsuccessful;

The support ticket was sent a few hours ago.

Could you please help me?

Kind Regards,

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We are experiencing the same. Just reset the SSL certificate and will see if this solves the issue.

@adalo team can you please help us reset our certificates? We are getting the same error as @vitality which means none of our users can access our sites.

We reset the SLL Certificates as stated above. This didn’t solve the issue and the site is still down throwing the same error for our users.

Any advice on how to move forward? We already submitted a ticket.

Since it appears Adalo is our “web hosting provider”, we would need to work with them to update a certificate anyway.

@Vitaly have you heard anything from the Adalo team?

Hi, Colleagues!

I got a message from the Adalo team, quote:
“… we are aware of the issue, and the team is actively investigating the cause.”

After careful revision from our side, I suppose that’s a sort of external influence and takes some significant time to get rid of. Just a few hours is critical for us, and we are already suffering for three days.

Meanwhile, we moved the application to the *.adalo.com domain with manual redirection as a temporary solution. Ugly, but it works.

So, waiting for a piece of good news, crossing thingers.

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Same issue:


After reset it is still not working. Is this fixed for anyone?

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It dont Work…

So why are they telling everyone it’s fixed. I opened a ticket 10 hours ago about it and still no response. Pretty normal of Adalo. Slow slow slow of anyone working there to respond!

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for me it’s also still not working