Web App Experience on Mobile?

Hello! I am building my first Adalo web app. This may potentially be a very basic question… But after a few days of searching the web and forums, I could not find a clear answer on this: Can someone please confirm if the web app will automatically reconfigure/optimize on a mobile browser?

I am expecting traffic to flow through both the web app (primarily), as well as the mobile browser. Tried opening the Preview link on my mobile phone, but unfortunately it was inconclusive (since it’s not fully built out yet.)

Before I spend weeks more on this, would be awesome if someone could confirm or show me an example (link to finished web app, screenshots, etc.) of an Adalo web app > mobile browser transition. Thank you!

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Currently web apps aren’t optimized for mobile phones.

What I would do:

Create a web app for online/desktop users
Create a Mobile App for Mobile/Phone users

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Thanks for the quick response James! If I go that route, what would users see if they went to my domain on a mobile browser? Is there a way to direct them to a mobile-specific landing page that tells them to go to the app store?

Thanks again!

Mfork - Serve different pages depending of your user’s devices

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