Why is this data missing

why does it say data is missing from these collections? thank you :slight_smile:

You have more than 1 screen linked to this screen, and they send different collections or incomplete from one another.

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i deleted the pages that link to it that are missing that data, but on the page of this screenshot im tring to link a button to update the “total programs” collection but there is no option to do so even though on the previous page that links to this page it created a total programs database

Hi @sami,

In the “Missing from” section you can see the screens which do not contain the required data.
How did this change after you’ve removed the screens you’ve mentioned?

Best regards, Victor.

Hey, thank you for your response. to this page where the data is missing-there are two almost identical pages that are linked to this page. on both these previous pages i created a click action on a button to create a “total programs” collection. but on the page where this screenshot was taken (the linked page where the data is missing from) it says the data is missing from only one out of 2 of the previous pages that are almost identical…why is this?

Maybe these videos by Patrick will helps you.

Thank you

it did help, i wasnt making the specific links to the next page the lists of the data, i had another component that wasnt a link create the data. thank you :slight_smile:

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Great and Your Welcome!

Thanks for your help I have found the solution!

thanks for your response and help i have found the solution

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Great, thanks for reporting back. :smiley:

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