Adalo is rotten

Adalo is a crappy app with no support and assistance, messages stay without answer, no one responds to tickets. Adalo removes disturbing tickets. The price of the subscriber is unjustified!

I go to Bubble :wave:t3:

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Thanks for your opinions! @Colin Will help you most properly, as if now most of Adalo leaders are offline, so @James_App_Maker could help because I can’t do anything to inform adalo, or even help!

What you describe is actually 100% opposite to my experience with Adalo. Their support is pretty fast, and I do value and respect their time in assessing and helping us all. Nothing in this world is perfect or comes for free and Adalo knows that they need to improve some of the capabilities that are known by this community. However we need to be kind and remember that behind screens you’re dealing with humans.

I’ll go about my evening now and have a glass of wine :wine_glass: cheers


God! The first answer since weeks. How can we get information and get help? I don’t think this situation is the best to convert interested people into customers

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To get help with bugs go through a support ticket, if you need help with what you have ask us in the forms!

I was initially of this opinion as well, and I really believe in this application but I am forced to find that some thing is not working correctly. And when you know the price of the subscription, it quickly becomes annoying.

Hi Jr,

Sorry for all the problems you are having using Adalo.

For support tickets, I would fill it up with as many details as possible regarding the issue/problem, I would also attach a screen recording/images so the support team could troubleshoot your problem faster.

Following up on what @Repackaged said, Adalo support is very good at replying at support tickets within a couple of days. :slight_smile:


Agreed, I’d also add - Adalo tickets are only for bugs. If you’re submitting “help” requests, they’re likely to be lower prioritized.

If you’re having issues with your apps, I recommend you post them here first so the community can help you (especially for help/advice).

The community is always happy to help. Adalo’s team has always been fast resolving bugs when the proper information has been provided (also note they don’t work on the weekend).


@CrcoProject ,

Since you already know other no code tools before, you may be tempted to do your previous thinking to apply it here.

Yes, at first we all do the same thing, I guess.

But since I realized that to learn something means unlearn other things, not necessarily forget previous learning, but we need to follow new system that may not correspond to previous system, if we force our thinking our head can explode, so I learn to go with the flow, but this option need longer time than brute force.

But when the time comes, we are relaxed to receive any rules from the new system.

I don’t have intense experience with other no code tools, but I guess the ratio of learning curve is higher when switching to new no code tools, compared to code tools, because they looked like their ancestor which is C language. I am talking about ratio which is relative, not absolute number in how much effort to switch between new code tools and new no code tools.

There is a reason you pick Adalo, and go outside your comfort zone with Bubble, if the reason is important enough, your community is here to help, hopefully with more words to digest. We are not wizards. :grinning:

Hi @CrcoProject,

I could not find any tickets associated with your 2 accounts that I can see on our ticketing system. Do you have a 3rd email address I could check and try to assist?

Secondly, as mentioned in this thread (thanks everyone), we try our best to help everyone we can, but with over 200,000 active makers on the platform, we need to prioritise certain requests over others. I understand this can be frustrating but we are a small team doing big things. We are super fortunate enough to have an amazing community that is backing us and helping each other out with the “How to’s” and “How come’s” that we are so often unable to get to.


Hi @Colin ,

Things that need further focus for education,

  1. Create relationship with 1 to many, by examples and visualization
  2. Updating relationship property versus normal property
  3. Filter in list, using count with numbers or all with contains
  4. Visibility filter, again using count and all
  5. Add or Remove in many to many relationship using update, not create
  6. Tricks for hidden input
  7. Last but not least, batch processing, bulk update/delete/create

These are the things that more advanced maker would like to know, perhaps from previous engagement.

If official tutorials can explain for those topics, we just reply them to read the tutorials.

Right now, it is scattered all over place and even taking more time to read them, which is against the very hype of no code which promotes easy, simple and fast.

What they don’t know is that it only happens once we get the hang of it.

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Hi @Colin

I like this platform because I found it very efficient, But now I realize that there are a lot of problems and bugs. Settings that disappear, settings that do not work.

  • I don’t understand why we can’t display the result of a line coming from airtable with the API “get one”. Are we obligated to go through the display of a list to then display the data of a row?

To sum up, I would like my users to be able to find an order with the order number search for a result by a unique id and display the detail in the next screen.

But I have the impression that this is not possible.

Also, I tried to create a search bar with a “search” button which I converted to a “list” with only 1 result. But the button disappears when the search bar is empty. Which never happened before. This button was previously subject to the condition “if” with “contain” and “does not contain” to link the next page.

  • In my “custom action”> “When does this happen?” I no longer find the “does not conaint” the deranging list displays only “contain”

  • Why does the “count” Airtable result only display 100 results?

  • Why does “sum” “average” of the selected column not work?

I have created different post and read several post on the forum but at no time is a specific answer given.


I can’t answer all of these, but for the last two items, that’s an Airtable issue:

Airtable uses pagination, you’ll need to workaround that to retrieve all records. Also, if you search this in the Adalo forum, you’ll find it’s been raised quite a few times. A lot of information in each of these posts:

Hi @Erik

Thank your for your answer, do you any other answer for my others question ?

Adalo has a ton of potential. I understand how difficult it is building a startup with limited resources. @Colin do you have a contact for Investor Relations? I am an accredited investor and would like to back Adalo in your next funding round.


Hi @iron49man ,

I would bet my money on Adalo too, and ask them to make original breakthrough as once they figured it one for the first time.

Perhaps joining YC can accelerate fast enough, because it seems they have find their way to make something impossible as a child’s play.

It would be sad to just wait for another Adalo to come up to this level and have the same struggle of keeping up the innovation growth, not just the growth.

Hi @CrcoProject ,

Adalo is strong in internal collection, but not so much for external collection, you may check Draftbit for that, but expect more learning curve, but since I feel that you are comfortable enough in doing harder stuff, you may feel at home there.

Thank you @yongki for your answer.

Because still need help for this topic :slight_smile:

There are a lot of different things here, without seeing the app in more detail it’s hard to say.

When posting on the Adalo forum, it’s best to be very precise and include a video walking through the issues you’re seeing or at least screenshots.

Draftbit quite similar to Adalo (I use both), with its ups and downs also, also still very limited in some features. I was expecting them to grow fast, but got disappointed, they are actually very slow on the process.