Stripe Payment Not Working

No response yet, I’ve asked the team and a software engineer working at Adalo and still no response. :slightly_frowning_face:


I appreciate you advocating for us!

On the bright side, it seems like the issue is pretty clear cut as it’s just missing the “charges” portion of the API cadence. Hoping for a speedy patch!

Thank you!

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I first encountered this issue when I was repeatedly running live tests. I don’t believe that would cause it, but I would love to learn more about other people’s use cases when they first noticed this.

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is your app native or pwa ? I have an paid alternative component that uses integromat + Stripe checkout wonder does it help your issue.

@knight native mainly, but I also maintain the PWA for browser use. PWA is a low priority thought.

Let’s see it!

Glad others are chiming in @alexstockman. I switched to IAP. Granted an issue can happen anywhere at anytime even w/ the IAP. lol.


@marklive Glad you found a workaround. My app is a marketplace with user-to-user payments with Stripe Connect as the keystone, so my hands are tied until I can get Stripe working.

Curious if adalo is aware of this?

Bump to keep this thread alive.

The lack of response is sad to witness. Either take the stripe components down from the marketplace whenever there are many bugs reported, or update/respond on a regular basis.
Having paying customers touching in the dark is just plain bad. And I hope that Adalo’s staff has all the good reasons to act this way.

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@alexstockman are you still having this issue? Must have missed this post when it was created. Email me your app link and I’ll investigate and resolve for you.

@TKOTC Thank you

Okay, started the investigation and the issue is 99% certain that it is the Adalo API server that is the problem. Nothing to do with Stripe or the clients card number. Stupid that the stripe component blames the users card rather than Adalos server.

I’ll put a rush on making a proper stripe component with a proper server for you, hopefully I will turn it around soon.

In the meantime, if you want to contact Adalo support and tell them that it looks like the call to is failing and if they can look through the logs, if you give them your Customer Id and Connect Account Id they should be able to investigate what is going on on their end while I build a new component that works.


@TKOTC You’re a hero. My app’s been out of commission for like a month and you found the problem in an hour.


I am pretty good at what I do. How did the deep linking work out for you? I mean, before your app was put out of commission.

Okay, taking a deep dive into this component. It looks like this does not support Apple Pay or Google Pay, it does not use 3D Secure, and lot’s of other tings.

I won’t hold up getting the stuff fixed up to get you back in operation to get the other stuff in, but is this stuff things you will want/need in the future?

@TKOTC The deep linking works quite well. I actually get Tons of use out of the OG deep linking component. Happy to tell you more about how if you’re curious.

Thank you!

Always curious, my guess is with query parameters and market insights hidden in qr codes. That’s what I would have done. I was working on adding query parameters back into the new deep link component this morning.

Investigating more, no one should ever use the Stripe component from the marketplace. You are putting yourself at risk of being fined for PCI non-compliance. You are legally liable for things out of your control.

It would be very nice if you can fix the stripe payment, today i am willing to use it…

Oh man, thanks for that, i am building an app for a client and i need to use stripe payment, how to solve that?